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Crimping Press

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Air Spring Crimping Presses

The machine consists of the following main components:
- Base
-   Upper fixed plate
-   No.4   columns
-   No.2   hydraulic cylinders   for moving   the   upper   mold   half
-   Tank   above the   hydraulic cylinders
-   No.4   hot   plates   620x620mm .
-   No.4   insulation plates
-   No.6   pistons for   intermediate plates
- No.2   pistons  for  bom handling  
-   No.2   safety hooks
-   Front gate   with vertical movement
-   Safety fence ,  equipped with a   back door with   electric welding
- Hydraulic unit ( not included)
-   Electrical Cabinet   with video   terminal,   low-pressure  shaping  adjustment tool.
-   Mold temperature adjustment   tool,   epiconverter   for  the  conditioner adjustment chains  
and   pressure gauges   for   bom pistons .
- Wiring   on-board the machine   ( hydraulic, electrical, fluid  and pneumatic )
-   Safety equipment   according to specifications
-   No.2   encoders with   racks for   positioning  of the  upper plates
-   No.2   linear potentiometers   for positioning of   bom  pistons
- No.2   rods   connected   to the   bom pistons
-   No.2   pressure gauges for   pressure control   of the   No. 2   bom pistons  

Molds carrying plates   700x700 mm
Daylight between plates    900 mm maximum
Stroke      800 mm
Clamping force    120 tons
Fast-slow speed   
Motor power      15 kW
Mould Handling     Hydraulic

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