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Mounting Presses

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Air Springs Mounting & Testing Presses

The machine is designed for the mounting of the membrane on the piston and making  a leakage check at a pressure of 12 bar

The machine is designed for the mounting of the membrane on the piston as on the oppositeside the plate was already crimped previously in the Crimping Machine.

The operator puts on the bottom plate the piston, then overlaps the membrane by inserting on upper tooling the plate
s outriggers, manually makes the centring on the piston and via a foot pedal activates it.

The inlet of 1.5 bar and the descent of the press of 30 mm, then the gate closes and the following operations automatically take place:
- Mounting of the membrane on the piston
- Testing at pressure and leakage check at 12 bar for predefined period of time
- Turn-up
The operational sequence of the described above functions is handled automatically by pneumatic and electrical control equipment, which determines if the air spring is accepted or scrapped.

Technical characteristics

Maximum Light upper mobile plate     900 mm
Minimum light top mobile plate     200 ~ mm
Working pressure      50
100 bar
Minimum space between the 4 columns    600 mm

Bead Winding Line 8"-28" for PCR & LT Tiires 3x5 wires
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