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Upgrade & Modernization of old machinery


Intereuropean offers the possibility to upgrade the existing machinery by replacement of the old and obsolete control systems and adding new features/functionality requested by the modern tyre design and production requirements.

The upgrades / retrofits provided by the company include:

  • Upgrade of old 1st Stage Tire Building Machines NRM/Pirelli A70 type with the new bladder turn-up system and modern control system

  • Upgrade of old 2nd Stage Tire Building Machines SAI/T10/TR20 Pirelli type with the new Spiral Nilon Overlay Servicers, Tread out of Spool Servicers, Bead-lock type shaping drum, Twind Drum Belt&Tread Turret, Automatic Breaker Servicers and modern control system

  • Upgrade of existing Tire Testing Machines (Hofmnann, Seichter etc.) with new type sensors, controls, modern drives and new features

  • Upgrade of existing Extrusion / Calender Lines with new let-off & wind-up stations, new controls, new laser measurement sytems etc.

  • Upgrade of old Textile Bias cutters with new automatic splicing and wind-up stations, keeping existig let-off and cutting conveyours

  • New 1st Stage/Uni-stage Drums, Breaker drums, Transfer Rings, Shaping Drums, automatic laser lights position markers and other equipment for upgrade of tire building machines

"INTEREUROPEAN" is a Registered Trademark of INTEREUROPEAN S.r.l. Viale Edoardo Jenner 23, 20159 Milano (MI) Italy
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